Basement Bar Ideas

Have you increasingly considered setting up a bar in your basement? There are lots of basement bar ideas on the internet, but making your own helps you to custom fit your new bar to your area, your taste and your requirements. If you even have the most basic carpentry skills you can do this. Here are some important things you will need to accomplish for your basement bar and have it ready for some entertaining.

Planning Your Project

As with any do-it-yourself project, it is notable to set a budget and some deadlines. A budget is important because it helps you determine what kind of badminton game shoe and other accessories you can afford. Deadlines are equally important because you do not want your basement bar to become a never-ending task. Put it in writing what your dream bar looks like, and keep that idea in your head as you continue with your project.

Dry Bar or Wet Bar

Of course one of the main things you will need when completing your basement bar ideas is an actual bar. There are two main types of bars: wet or dry. A wet bar has hookups to water and a drain. A wet bar can include one or more sinks, and even a dishwasher. Various wet bars even have ice bins, which, unlike coolers, allow the melting ice to drain away, leaving the remaining ice out of the water.

Dry bars are exactly what they sound like: dry. There are no water hookups or drains in a dry bar allowing best blenders for smoothies to stay safe. However, if your dream bar is a wet bar, but you cannot pay for to put one in right away, plan your dry bar so that it can be easily converted into a wet bar at a later point in time.

As with any do-it-yourself work, it is really important to check with your local building code authority to find out if any permits are needed for constructing the bar, adding plumbing, or installing electric fixtures.

Custom Built or Store Bought

There are two main options for do-it-yourself basement bars, custom built or store bought. Custom built bars can be as easy as building a wood form to support a counter, and layer it with decorative plywood or wainscoting, or as intricate as your abilities can conceive. Store bought bars can be as simple as a long tall table, or as complete as a portable wet bar with built-in refrigerator. Your perfect bar depends on your finances and the time you have to build it. Whichever you choose, make sure that it looks real and offers ample amount of room for drinks as well. Having a great looking bar is definitely one of the most important basement bar ideas to keep in mind.

Sound, Lighting and Television

No home bar is complete without your own personal touches. You may want to include light fixtures over your bar, or even a foldable pool table with a hanging light. Be sure you are comfortable with electrical work, and always consult an electrician if you need help. Also, be sure to adhere to your local building code requirements for electrical work. A simple call to your town or city hall will get you in touch with the right inspectors. Most bars have stereo systems or televisions. You may want to add either or both to your bar. Plan ahead so you position the television so it can be best viewed from the bar. You may actually want to have it mounted from the ceiling like many bars do. Also, try to place your stereo receiver somewhere within reach, so you can easily change the music while you are working behind your bar. In fact, you may even want to leave a little room down there for some dancing as well.

Plenty of Seating and Accessories

The most important accessory in your bar is comfortable seating. If you are planning on having quite a few people over to see what has become of your basement bar ideas, then you better make sure that you have plenty of seating in the basement. Bar stools come in all shapes and sizes and can be expensive. Make sure you choose stools that fit your bar and are comfortable. Be creative with your basement bar; consider recliners and sofas for those who want to get comfy.

Bar Essentials

Your basement bar will also need some drinks. In order to have drinks, you will probably need a nice refrigerator, an ice machine, blender, and of course a variety of glasses and mugs for different drinks.

Once you have all of these things in position, then you can start having your friends come over so they can see how wonderfully your basement bar ideas turned out. No doubt they will be as thrilled as you are with the new basement bar.

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