Basement Bar Ideas

Have you increasingly considered setting up a bar in your basement? There are lots of basement bar ideas on the internet, but making your own helps you to custom fit your new bar to your area, your taste and your requirements. If you even have the most basic carpentry skills you can do this. Here are some important things you will need to accomplish for your basement bar and have it ready for some entertaining.

Planning Your Project

As with any do-it-yourself project, it is notable to set a budget and some deadlines. A budget is important because it helps you determine what kind of badminton game shoe and other accessories you can afford. Deadlines are equally important because you do not want your basement bar to become a never-ending task. Put it in writing what your dream bar looks like, and keep that idea in your head as you continue with your project.

Dry Bar or Wet Bar

Of course one of the main things you will need when completing your basement bar ideas is an actual bar. There are two main types of bars: wet or dry. A wet bar has hookups to water and a drain. A wet bar can include one or more sinks, and even a dishwasher. Various wet bars even have ice bins, which, unlike coolers, allow the melting ice to drain away, leaving the remaining ice out of the water.

Dry bars are exactly what they sound like: dry. There are no water hookups or drains in a dry bar allowing best blenders for smoothies to stay safe. However, if your dream bar is a wet bar, but you cannot pay for to put one in right away, plan your dry bar so that it can be easily converted into a wet bar at a later point in time.

As with any do-it-yourself work, it is really important to check with your local building code authority to find out if any permits are needed for constructing the bar, adding plumbing, or installing electric fixtures.

Custom Built or Store Bought

There are two main options for do-it-yourself basement bars, custom built or store bought. Custom built bars can be as easy as building a wood form to support a counter, and layer it with decorative plywood or wainscoting, or as intricate as your abilities can conceive. Store bought bars can be as simple as a long tall table, or as complete as a portable wet bar with built-in refrigerator. Your perfect bar depends on your finances and the time you have to build it. Whichever you choose, make sure that it looks real and offers ample amount of room for drinks as well. Having a great looking bar is definitely one of the most important basement bar ideas to keep in mind.

Sound, Lighting and Television

No home bar is complete without your own personal touches. You may want to include light fixtures over your bar, or even a foldable pool table with a hanging light. Be sure you are comfortable with electrical work, and always consult an electrician if you need help. Also, be sure to adhere to your local building code requirements for electrical work. A simple call to your town or city hall will get you in touch with the right inspectors. Most bars have stereo systems or televisions. You may want to add either or both to your bar. Plan ahead so you position the television so it can be best viewed from the bar. You may actually want to have it mounted from the ceiling like many bars do. Also, try to place your stereo receiver somewhere within reach, so you can easily change the music while you are working behind your bar. In fact, you may even want to leave a little room down there for some dancing as well.

Plenty of Seating and Accessories

The most important accessory in your bar is comfortable seating. If you are planning on having quite a few people over to see what has become of your basement bar ideas, then you better make sure that you have plenty of seating in the basement. Bar stools come in all shapes and sizes and can be expensive. Make sure you choose stools that fit your bar and are comfortable. Be creative with your basement bar; consider recliners and sofas for those who want to get comfy.

Bar Essentials

Your basement bar will also need some drinks. In order to have drinks, you will probably need a nice refrigerator, an ice machine, blender, and of course a variety of glasses and mugs for different drinks.

Once you have all of these things in position, then you can start having your friends come over so they can see how wonderfully your basement bar ideas turned out. No doubt they will be as thrilled as you are with the new basement bar.

3 Ways to add Character to your Home

3 Ways to add Character to your Home

If you want to inject more character into your home then take a look at these three tips that will add instant appeal.

Improve your Frontage

Your frontage creates the first impression of your home so if yours looks scruffy and neglected then give it a facelift. You can take simple steps like cleaning and tidying your driveway, repointing or repainting your exterior walls or adding interest with plants. If you’ve got more money to spend then you could consider making bigger changes such as having a new driveway installed, replacing UPVC with timber windows or reroofing. Simply cleaning and tidying will make a huge difference but bigger and more expensive changes will be more lasting and could even add value to your home.

Inject Personality

Homes don’t necessarily have to be older in order for them to have character. Although period features like fireplaces and cornicing do help, you can give your rooms a warmer and more inviting feel by creating an accent wall. Choose one wall and decorate in bold, bright paper. This will give your room a focal point, which is especially useful if you don’t have features such as fireplaces.

The rise in the popularity of property shows has led many homeowners to believe that they must decorate their homes neutrally. That’s all very well if you’re planning to sell but if you’re going to be living in your home for a few years then choose the perfect colours and styles of super automatic espresso machine, not what will appeal to other people. Don’ be afraid to display your collections, add quirky ornaments or bold soft furnishings to your rooms as you’ll feel much happier if you’re surrounded by the things you love.

Replace Flooring

In older homes stripped wooden floorboards can create a rustic or formal feel and are much easier to keep clean than carpets. If you’re lucky enough to have original tiles in your hallway then uncover them and make them the focus of your front entrance. To warm up wooden floors add some luxurious rugs in soft materials and warm colours.

Replace old carpets with smart new floor coverings that will make your rooms look instantly neater, lighter and brighter. In the kitchen add an unusual edge with a vinyl or even polished concrete floor that will make your kitchen completely unique.

5 Essential Tips for Living Room Decoration

5 Essential Tips for Living Room Decoration

1. Start by listing your needs

Determine the volume you want to give the room to suit your lifestyle. Always count the number of seats (sofas, chairs…) That will be needed and list everything you need or want: furniture carpet, Curtains … Consider the movement in the room and pay attention to windows and doors because they can cause problems during the development of your living room.

2.Determine your own style

To help you define your style decor, you can type in the catalog document Home of the world, Offering a range of environments (contemporary, charm, cozy). Analyze the image and determine why it pleases you.

Living room decoration

3. Colours: choose soft colors

No, the truth is no decor! Indeed, our choices are primarily personal. To the color in the house. It’s the same thing. We do not see the same tone the same way as our neighbor. But anyway, not to deceive you, use soft colors on your walls (warm gray, taupe, linen) and dare one colored wall stronger.
beautiful living room

4. Materials: dare for fun!

Regarding the furniture, the big trend right now is lacquer. Eu matter not easy to maintain but so beautiful! When you love can really make some concessions.

For your floors, do not be afraid of PVC tiles. Their appearance has become bluffing and portable diesel generator is super easy to install and downright cheap. The raw wood, oiled or waxed create a beautiful rendering, but do not polish the floors that give one side plastic, shiny bad.

5. Before Completing your decor

Do not be afraid of heights: Instead, the empty space highlights. Like a good recipe, seasoning slowly and carefully to get a final result we want. Ditto for the decor, go to As and you will get a room that suits you.

Remember to revamp your furniture and objects: You throw less and creativity will be at the meeting. Replace your old tray coffee table, sofa with a new couch or make yourself new cushions. You already own the best bamboo sheets, try using them for bedroom decor.  In short put your own personality in the room where you like to receive.

Always match your decor with good lighting: By simply multiplying the soft diffuse light sources for a warm and welcoming effect. Another tip, never do things by halves. Free yourself of stereotypes, traditional patterns specific to the show. For example, nothing requires you to make curtains or paintings on the wall if you do not want! Even if your family or friends encourage you…

Decorative Birdhouses for your Home

Are you looking to introduce a new home decorating theme to one of the rooms in your house? Perhaps you need one more thing to complete a display in your curio cabinet. Maybe you are looking for a way to start a new family collection. In each of these instances, consider decorative birdhouses, and you won’t be disappointed.

A Decorating Theme

If there is a certain room in your home that seems to be begging for a change in design, maybe it is time to introduce a new theme to your home decor repertoire. Why not design a room around the theme of decorative birdhouses? Doing so is a great way to change the appeal of a room without spending hundreds of dollars in remodeling costs while at the same time infusing a room with character and quaint charm.

With so many varieties in birdhouses, there are styles available to complement any color scheme. When you decide to decorate a room in a bird house theme, you can change the whole look of the room with the simple addition of cleverly placed decorative birdhouses Fill a comer of the room with a plant stand of nice green plants and mix a birdhouse or two amongst the spaces. Hang a few bird houses on the wall in an eye catching grouping. Place one on a coffee table as a centerpiece. The room will soon take on a whole new wonderful look.

The Curio Display

If you’ve been searching for something to complete the look of your curio cabinet, a decorative birdhouse might be just the thing. The addition of just one decorative birdhouse to an arrangement in a curio cabinet can be a great way to make a decorating statement. Choose an especially elaborately designed birdhouse to add to the cabinet and it will become the perfect tool.

A Wonderful New Collection

Starting a collection of something can be a great hobby to introduce a new tradition in your family. With so many beautiful and diverse designs available, a collection of decorative birdhouses might be just the thing to get started in your family.

Maybe you will make it a tradition to welcome springtime each year with a pretty new birdhouse. Each year as the flowers begin to poke their heads through the snowy ground cover, your collection can grow. Family members can take turns each year enjoying the honor of choosing which birdhouse to add to the collection.

Revolutionary Stainless Steel Cookware

Revolutionary Stainless Steel Cookware

“Revolutionary” is a play on words, as I wanted to cover a little ground today on Revere copper bottom cookware. Adding style to a modern kitchen does not have to break the bank and you don’t need to hire an interior decorator every time. It can come easily in the form of a new set of Stainless Steel Cookware from your local mall or any online store of your choice.


If it reminds you of Paul Revere, it should…he started the Revere Copper Company in 1801. While he didn’t make the cookware back then, or even in his lifetime, as the company grew they created their copper bottom stainless steel cookware in 1939. Back then, this cookware was highly advanced and became popular because it was lighter than the standard cookware of the time.

I’ve had one particular Revere copper bottom sauce pan for a while, but I can’t seem to track down its stainless steel grade. You may have noticed or even purchased utensils or flatware that say something like “flatware 18 10” or “flatware 18 0.” Those numbers stand for the grade of the stainless steel…the higher the second number, the better. The simple way to explain it is that the “18″ stands for the percentage of chromium in the stainless steel, and the second number (usually “0,” “8,” or “10″) stands for the percentage of nickel in the overall stainless steel formula


I know that the Revere cookware brand was purchased by World Kitchen, and that there have been some complaints from people who’ve used pre-World Kitchen Revere cookware that the World Kitchen version is thinner and cheaper than what they’re used too.

My sauce pan seems thin, but it is still great for any of the cooking I do. The nice thing about copper bottom cookware is that the copper spreads heat fast, thus keeping an even heat during cooking. No hot spots!

It is true that the copper can’t be cleaned with just soap and water like stainless steel, but since it is on the bottom, and not covering the entire piece of cookware, I don’t have as much surface area to worry about polishing.

Add to that the durability and easy cleaning of stainless steel and I’ve got a nice piece of cookware. Good enough to carry on the FOOD REVOLUTION!

Why you should consider electric curtain rails?

One option that is constantly overlooked when it comes to upgrading window treatments is that of electric curtain rails. With the use of a motorised track, these inventions mean that curtains can be opened by a homeowner with a remote control without them having to even leave their seat. An innovative creation, these window treatments can be customised to suit any room and give the user total convenience no matter where they are.

Why you should consider electric curtain rails?

Like everything else in the world today, electric curtain rails are developing with the times and are becoming more and more innovative. They can be set to timers which allows them to open and shut at predetermined times. This means that you can wake up to the morning sunrise without leaving your bed on those particularly lazy weekends.

Perhaps more importantly, they can be set to open and close when you aren’t there either. This can used as a deterrent to potential burglars when you are away on holiday, as they will see regular movement and changes in the home and assume the house is still occupied. Combined with an alarm system and other security measures, electric curtain rails can help secure your home as well as provide convenience.

Curtain rails can also be activated and prompted by light sensors, meaning that you are able to open and shut the curtains when the light outside starts to lighten up or dim down. Additionally, the rails can also be operated with heat sensors and wall switches.

Installation Tips

Installing your curtain rails is also a very simple process which requires very little in the way of hardware. They should already come pre-wired, meaning that you don’t have to read the “A-Z of electronics” to fit them on your windows. The first step is to mount the motorised rail above the desired window, then loop the curtains on to it before plugging it into an electricity outlet. The belt-drive system on which a good motorised curtain rail should be run is likely to require very little maintenance (if any at all) and should work without any problems whatsoever at least 15,000 times.

The input required with these is minimal, and curtain rails can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Add to this the fact that they can also wind up being a potential security measure, and you have a whole list of reasons to explore the possibility of installing them in your home.