Why you should consider electric curtain rails?

One option that is constantly overlooked when it comes to upgrading window treatments is that of electric curtain rails. With the use of a motorised track, these inventions mean that curtains can be opened by a homeowner with a remote control without them having to even leave their seat. An innovative creation, these window treatments can be customised to suit any room and give the user total convenience no matter where they are.

Why you should consider electric curtain rails?

Like everything else in the world today, electric curtain rails are developing with the times and are becoming more and more innovative. They can be set to timers which allows them to open and shut at predetermined times. This means that you can wake up to the morning sunrise without leaving your bed on those particularly lazy weekends.

Perhaps more importantly, they can be set to open and close when you aren’t there either. This can used as a deterrent to potential burglars when you are away on holiday, as they will see regular movement and changes in the home and assume the house is still occupied. Combined with an alarm system and other security measures, electric curtain rails can help secure your home as well as provide convenience.

Curtain rails can also be activated and prompted by light sensors, meaning that you are able to open and shut the curtains when the light outside starts to lighten up or dim down. Additionally, the rails can also be operated with heat sensors and wall switches.

Installation Tips

Installing your curtain rails is also a very simple process which requires very little in the way of hardware. They should already come pre-wired, meaning that you don’t have to read the “A-Z of electronics” to fit them on your windows. The first step is to mount the motorised rail above the desired window, then loop the curtains on to it before plugging it into an electricity outlet. The belt-drive system on which a good motorised curtain rail should be run is likely to require very little maintenance (if any at all) and should work without any problems whatsoever at least 15,000 times.

The input required with these is minimal, and curtain rails can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Add to this the fact that they can also wind up being a potential security measure, and you have a whole list of reasons to explore the possibility of installing them in your home.

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