5 Essential Tips for Living Room Decoration

5 Essential Tips for Living Room Decoration

1. Start by listing your needs

Determine the volume you want to give the room to suit your lifestyle. Always count the number of seats (sofas, chairs…) That will be needed and list everything you need or want: furniture carpet, Curtains … Consider the movement in the room and pay attention to windows and doors because they can cause problems during the development of your living room.

2.Determine your own style

To help you define your style decor, you can type in the catalog document Home of the world, Offering a range of environments (contemporary, charm, cozy). Analyze the image and determine why it pleases you.

Living room decoration

3. Colours: choose soft colors

No, the truth is no decor! Indeed, our choices are primarily personal. To the color in the house. It’s the same thing. We do not see the same tone the same way as our neighbor. But anyway, not to deceive you, use soft colors on your walls (warm gray, taupe, linen) and dare one colored wall stronger.
beautiful living room

4. Materials: dare for fun!

Regarding the furniture, the big trend right now is lacquer. Eu matter not easy to maintain but so beautiful! When you love can really make some concessions.

For your floors, do not be afraid of PVC tiles. Their appearance has become bluffing and portable diesel generator is super easy to install and downright cheap. The raw wood, oiled or waxed create a beautiful rendering, but do not polish the floors that give one side plastic, shiny bad.

5. Before Completing your decor

Do not be afraid of heights: Instead, the empty space highlights. Like a good recipe, seasoning slowly and carefully to get a final result we want. Ditto for the decor, go to As and you will get a room that suits you.

Remember to revamp your furniture and objects: You throw less and creativity will be at the meeting. Replace your old tray coffee table, sofa with a new couch or make yourself new cushions. You already own the best bamboo sheets, try using them for bedroom decor.  In short put your own personality in the room where you like to receive.

Always match your decor with good lighting: By simply multiplying the soft diffuse light sources for a warm and welcoming effect. Another tip, never do things by halves. Free yourself of stereotypes, traditional patterns specific to the show. For example, nothing requires you to make curtains or paintings on the wall if you do not want! Even if your family or friends encourage you…

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